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Instagram Captions
Because we all know potty training can really stink.
Potty training can bring on a huge slew of emotions. There’s the positive — your little baby is finally growing up and you’re so close to not having to buy or change diapers any longer! And then there’s the fact that you’re still going to be cleaning up poop and pee, but… not in a diaper. It’s on your couch, your floors, next to the toilet. Misery loves company as they say, and posting about the chaos, frustration, and hilarity that ensues during potty training on Instagram is a must. You’ll need some potty training Instagram captions so that you can commiserate with your followers about just how hard potty training is — I mean, no one tells you how on edge you’ll be asking a toddler, “Do you have to go?” every 10 seconds.
So check out these hilarious Instagram captions for potty training to give you a bit of inspo the next time you have a funny photo of your kid with the toilet seat on their head, or they’re pointing at the poop on the floor next to the toilet, or they left a puddle of pee in the hallway right next to the bathroom door. I get it, y’all. I promise. It really does get better from here, but these captions and photos make things a little more bearable and lighten the mood.


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