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They really need this.
When your pal is heading into labor, whether you’ve lived the same experience or not, you can certainly feel some sense of anxiety, anticipation, and adrenaline. Let’s be real, labor is traumatic. It’s a human exiting another human’s body. Hello! But at the same time, you need to be the strong one. And short of joining your friend in the delivery room, your next best option is to stay in touch via phone. Texts to send a friend who is in labor can go in a few directions.
Consider first that your friend is about to go the distance as it were physically. This is the time be the ultimate cheerleader. In between chomping on ice cubes and practicing breathing techniques, your pal might have a chance to glimpse at their phone, so send some rah rah energy via text messages.
If you know your friend will appreciate something more chill, then a genuine supportive text about what an incredible parent the friend who is in labor will be is just as good. If you have no idea what to text, messages of love will always be appreciated.
And when in doubt, consider a little humor — she could probably use the laugh.
Either way, don’t expect them to respond to your text while they’re in labor — they likely has enough on her plate at the moment. But they’ll appreciate your words of love, encouragement, and humor, no matter when they read them, either between contractions or after they’re finally holding Baby in their arms.
Cheering on friends is ultimately what friendship is all about. We all need a loud and positive person in our corner and that is never more true than on delivery day.
Maybe cheerleading is not your friend’s thing. Maybe they just need calm, reflective support. In that case, consider these texts to send a friend who is labor that focus on the incredible thing they’re about to do.
General texts of love are something you should send friends anytime, but they make especially great texts to send a friend who is in labor. Keep it light, keep it brief, keep it meaningful. That’s the stuff a person pushing what amounts to a bowling ball out of their body will appreciate hearing.
Sometimes a friend delivering a baby needs a good laugh — maybe in between a big contraction. Remember, those contractions can come fast and furious so keep your text short and to the point a la Shakespeare who said “brevity is the soul of wit.” Here are few idea for funny texts to send a friend who is labor.
With these texts to send a friend who is in labor, you can help them bring that baby in the world knowing you’ve got their back the minute they bring their new bundle home.


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