31 Postpartum Quotes That Tell It Like It Is – Romper

From breastfeeding to sleep deprivation to sex.
No matter how prepared you think you are, those first weeks and months following the birth of a baby are unlike anything else. The fourth trimester is a whirlwind of changes, and when you’re in the thick of it it’s helpful to have a little sense of camaraderie — even if it’s just in the form of postpartum quotes from other parents who’ve been there. If nothing else, simply reading a few funny postpartum quotes might at least help you crack a smile and maybe even find some humor in your situation. So, whether you’re looking for comfort or you just need something to keep you occupied during a feeding or pumping session, here are some very relatable postpartum quotes.
The postpartum period is certainly an adjustment, but it’s a lot easier to get through when you know you’re not alone (and especially when you’re able to laugh about it, too).


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