32 Instagram Captions For Baby's First Valentine's Day – Romper

*Insert heart-eye emoji here*
There’s something so special about every single one of your baby’s first holidays, regardless of the fact that they probably aren’t even aware of what’s going on around them. One way to always remember that day (since they won’t be able to remember it on their own) is to snap some cute photos that you can share with the world… or at least your social media followers. If you plan on dressing your little one up in something red and pink that is adorned with hearts and Cupid bows, then you also need an adorable Instagram caption for your baby’s first Valentine’s Day.
To be honest, you don’t have to try too hard to come up with an amazing first Valentine’s Day caption for this sort of photo. All eyes will be on your baby, and it doesn’t even really matter what you write — the picture will be perfection either way. That said, it’s fun to add the perfect caption! Whether you choose something sweet and sentimental or something on the funnier side, you can’t go wrong when choosing from the below list of Instagram caption ideas for your baby’s first Valentine’s Day. I did the hard work for you.


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