37 Valentine's Day Riddles To Make Everyone You Love Giggle – Romper

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Riddle me this… how many laughs will these jokes get?
Sharing a laugh with your kids, your partner, your coworkers, or anyone else on Valentine’s Day can be a fun way to enjoy the day together. Whether you write them in a card or just rattle them off around the breakfast table, these Valentine’s Day riddles are sure to get lots of laughs on February 14.
A riddle differs from a regular joke thanks to a play on words, pun, or the amount of thinking that goes into the answer. Most of the time, riddles take a beat or two to figure out, and the punchline requires a bit of brain work to understand. Simply put, a riddle is a joke you have to think about.
Are some of these riddles a little ridiculous? Maybe. But they’re also super fun to toss back and forth all day long on Valentine’s Day.


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