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Mask Production At BELLA+CANVAS Manufacturing Warehouse In Los Angeles
BELLA+CANVAS, leading manufacturer of premium wholesale apparel today announced that it is making up to 100 million face covers a week, making it the largest global manufacturer of non-medical face masks in the world. The company pivoted in production as a response to COVID-19, converting its cutting manufacturing floors and retooling its machines from making millions of T-shirts, to up to 100 million face covers a week with the most advanced “no-sew” and “human-touch-free” technology available.
Dan Harris and Marco DeGeorge who co-founded BELLA+CANVAS in 1992, growing it to be the largest manufacturer of T-shirts in North America, quickly stepped in to address the shortage of masks, which government agencies have expressed as reaching crisis proportions and to do their part to help flatten the curve with their face covers.
“One of the biggest advantages we have is the ability to produce in high volumes in a short amount of time. And in doing so, we have become the largest non-medical face mask manufacturer in the world, helping to support jobs and wages in the United States,” said Dan Harris, Co-CEO of BELLA+CANVAS. “By choosing to manufacture in Los Angeles we are keeping thousands of people employed when unemployment is at a historical high.”
BELLA+CANVAS is prepared to increase production output to meet the growing need for face covers in the United States, with its facilities that are Gold W.R.A.P. certified. The face covers are made from the highest quality “Airlume” combed and ringspun cotton, eco-dyed using Blue Sign Certified non-toxic chemicals, and 100% of the scraps are recycled.
“We are confident that our face covers are predicated on the CDC’s guidance that simple fabric face coverings are very effective means in helping to flatten the curve,” said Marco DeGeorge, Co-CEO BELLA+CANVAS. “We’ve also invested to ensure we are compliant with the FDA’s evolving guidelines and requirements pertaining to non-medical fabric face masks.”
To assist in meeting new CDC guidelines that everyone should use cloth face coverings, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission, BELLA+CANVAS has committed to donating at least five million of its face covers to organizations directly serving the homeless, healthcare frontliners, first responders and underserved communities. To date, it has already donated to more than 100 organizations. Additionally, through a partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors, BELLA+CANVAS is donating one million face covers, which allows 1,400 U.S. mayors to obtain and distribute to their communities.
Additionally, BELLA+CANVAS has volunteered to join the Textile Coalition, working with the White House Coronavirus Task Force to help produce heavily engineered masks for the general population and is prepared to make 1.5 million masks per week. BELLA+CANVAS is also partnering with the National PPE Coalition that is working to bring crucial partners together to build an efficient and unified supply chain for medical and nonmedical PPE.
Distribution of BELLA+CANVAS face covers include wholesale, retail and donations. For more information please visit
For more information regarding BELLA+CANVAS face cover disclaimers please visit
BELLA+CANVAS is a Los Angeles-based apparel company in the United States with a mission to build in America by creating more jobs with the largest manufacturing operation in North America. Known for making some of the best fitting and feeling tees in the world, BELLA+CANVAS is an innovator in the wholesale apparel space, constantly developing new fabrics such as its signature ‘Airlume’ cotton. Committed to sustainability, BELLA+CANVAS manufactures tees responsibly by minimizing its ecological footprint at every stage of the production process. Follow and join the fastest growing T-shirt brand on
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