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While you can throw a rock and hit 5011 horror/monster movie-inspired clothing companies, many of them don’t come close to the quality of what CAVITYCOLORS has been doing. Instead of just the standard iconic movie poster being plastered on a t-shirt, they take time to create scenes or highlight images from the Halloween franchiseIndependence Day, or Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh are unique homages to these memorable films from a company and artists that you can tell are huge fans of the movies they are putting product out for.
Earlier this year, CAVITYCOLORS announced that they partnered with Toho International—aka the company behind the Godzilla franchise—for an ongoing Legacy Series of apparel featuring officially licensed pieces dedicated to the entire Godzilla series. Today, they announced that the first collection in this series, which is focused on the very first film in the series, 1954’s Godzilla.
Featuring work from Abrar Ajmal, Hazen Becker, and Hillary White, CAVITYCOLORS’ first Godzilla drop features a sick pair of GLOW IN THE DARK long-sleeve tees and jogger sweatpants, the above reptilian-tinged tie dye tee, a “king of the monsters”-inspired tee (and raglan), and more.
“GODZILLA (1954) sometimes gets swallowed in the Godzilla of it all,” CAVITYCOLORS says in their release about this collection, “so we wanted to make sure to pay tribute to this film in particular, with references to some of our favorite scenes and images!”
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You can check out images of the rest of the drop below, and be sure to hit on Wednesday, June 30 at 5 PM ET so you don’t miss out on this one!
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