Enamel Jewelry Is Everywhere This Summer — Here Are 15 Ways to Try the Trend – POPSUGAR

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This summer, we want to wear things that are fun, colorful, and make us happy. One of the accessory looks we’ve been seeing everywhere is enamel jewelry, and it’s just as vibrant as you’d expect. Whether you’re looking for white or black enamel, or something more fun, like a neon look, these 15 styles are a fun way to elevate your jewelry game.
From cute huggies you can wear all the way up your ears to stackable rings and fun necklaces, these are such cute, whimsical ways to play with your jewelry. We’re particularly into the mixture of enamel with diamonds, because it’s both playful and luxurious. Keep on reading to shop our selects!

by Chanel Vargas 2 days ago
by Kelsey Garcia 2 days ago
by Hedy Phillips 2 days ago
by Njera Perkins 2 days ago
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