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Prince Harry’s new memoir Spare has been in the headlines in recent days. The Duke of Sussex has been busy promoting his debut book on talk shows and magazines. Among the many revelations the book revealed, netizens were stunned to read about the royal’s love for the Spice Girls.
In his jaw-dropping memoir filled with heartfelt excerpts and candid exposés, Prince Harry also included light-hearted moments that were captured by ardent fans. Many could not believe that he included the lyrics to a Spice Girls song in his memoir.
Twitter user @elliehoulie uploaded a TikTok video which showcased the prince’s book being read by a person. The audio version of the book was being used in the audio of the TikTok clip. In the video, Prince Harry was heard saying:
The video also read- “Prince Harry dictating Spice Girl lyrics”
The Twitter user also wrote in the post:
The British group’s song Wannabe’s lyrics were included in a section where Harry recalled attending their concert alongside his father and now-monarch Prince Charles in 1997. Although Charles was not a follower of pop culture, Harry remembered his father inviting him on a trip to South Africa to watch the group perform for Nelson Mandela.
Speaking about his father enjoying the songs, Harry wrote in Spare:
Following the aforementioned excerpt, Prince Harry quoted the Spice Girls:
Prince Harry’s appearance at the Johannesburg concert was the first time he was seen in public following the death of his mother Princess Diana, who was extensively spoken about in Spare.
In the book, Harry revealed that he was doubtful over his father inviting him simply for a publicity stunt, however, he was still “thrilled” to be seeing the group with his dad.
In the book, Meghan Markle’s husband also recollected meeting the Spice Girls. He wrote:
Reacting to the Spice Girls being quoted in Spare, a few comments online read:
Apart from sharing his experience of meeting the Spice Girls, Harry also revealed shocking details about getting to know about Prince Philip’s death, the meeting with the Royal Family following his funeral. He spoke about Prince Charles joking about Harry not being his real son, Charles telling Harry about his mother Diana’s death and his tribulations with his brother Prince William among other topics.
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