I’m plus-size and weigh 195lbs – I recreated a model’s look on my size 16/18 shape, people love it… – The US Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has shared her take on a model's stylish look she found on Pinterest.
People loved the digital creator's outfit inspiration of the fashionable vibe on her size 16/18 shape.
Digital creator Veronica Freund is no stranger to the social media game and uses her platform to embrace body positivity and size inclusivity.
She constantly posts videos related to shopping hauls, style tips for other plus-size women and, of course, outfit recreation videos.
In one TikTok video, the fashionista decided to attempt a popular style from Pinterest on her own body.
She put a unique spin on the ensemble and personalized it to suit her particular vibe and personality.
At the start of the video, Freund showed her audience an image of a model taking a photo of herself in the mirror and rocking a tan fedora-style hat, tan turtleneck top, medium-wash jeans and clear pointed-toe heels.
The plus-size woman then took it upon herself to share that she was 5-foot-4, 195 pounds and a size 16/18.
She also clarified that though she regularly recreates Pinterest looks, this one was an inspiration-based video.
The brunette first showed viewers the ripped jeans she planned on wearing and said that she was going to cuff them at the ends in a similar fashion to the model.
"I do not have a brown, caramel-colored turtleneck," she admitted.
Instead, the content creator shows viewers two shirts that would work well, a high-neck bright yellow shirt and an olive green mock neck.
Upon selecting the green top, she paired it with a black fedora hat, a silver chain necklace and dangly silver earrings.
She explained that she wanted to "keep a chic look," so she went with simple silver jewelry to play up the hat and see-through heels just like the Pinterest look.
Veronica pulled the look together with a structured black bag.
As the video concluded, she gave viewers a look at the final clothing collection and jokingly attempted to recreate one feature from the original photo by saying "pretend this a phone."
People were in love with the way the body-positive advocate made the original outfit her own.
"Nailed it," one viewer commented.
"You did that!!" another praised.
"Absolutely love this," another added.
"I love your look better!" a TikTok user stated online.
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