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This year, Penn State students will have the chance to become more immersed in the world around them through the new Pop Culture Club.
Starting in the spring semester, the burgeoning club and its board discussed some topics as well as future plans, according to members of the group.
Club president and founder Claudia Northam said she started looking for members earlier in the fall semester, with the organization becoming official on Dec. 9, but is officially kicking things off this time around.
“We will talk about current and past events [within] film, music, TV, gaming, etc,” Northam (senior-management) said.
Vice President Tala AlHejili said the group will “focus on things that are happening in the media right now and go into how they started.”
“We can look to see what people are saying right now versus what they said in the moment,” AlHejili (sophomore-biochemistry and molecular biology) said.
Other members of the club also expressed ideas on subjects the club could discuss in the future. For instance, Treasurer Tea Griffith brought up the era of the ‘90s, including what prevalence the decade had and still does in today’s world.
Griffith (sophomore-psychology) “strongly recommends” that the club look into this decade further.
“Just the culture, music, everything about [the era],” Griffith said. “Life just seemed [like] so much fun then.”
Griffith said she became involved with the Pop Culture Club through discovering it at the Involvement Fair last fall. She said she thought the club was “a really cool idea.”
“I thought it was a nice club to join with people who have similar interests as me,” Griffith said.
Social Media Manager Alexandria Acosta also found out about the club in the fall after seeing a flyer in the HUB-Robeson Center.
Acosta (freshman-psychology) said it “was a club that finally sparked interest.”
Some members already have fun ideas planned for the group this semester, and others shared their favorite pop culture moments from the years.
Northam said she’s looking forward to speaking about “the general public’s infatuation with celebrities and the toxicity of stan culture.”
This idea goes hand in hand with AlHejili’s hope of a discussion on the Kardashian family.
“So many people love them, and so many people hate them,” AlHejili said. “I still don’t understand how they became famous, yet they have a huge influence on the culture.”
Acosta said her favorite pop culture moment was the incident between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs.
“Right after that happened, everyone started saying, ‘Miley what’s good?’” Acosta said.
Griffith said her favorite pop culture moment is more recent: the now infamous exchange between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars.
“I genuinely thought that was fake and that it didn’t happen,” Griffith said.
The club is planning on meeting weekly throughout the rest of the year, according to Northam.
“So far, we are looking for new members,” Northam said. “Hopefully people with the same interests will come and join the club, too.”
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