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The Kornit Presto MAX will make its live debut at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event. Photo: Kornit
By Tyler Shultz | Friday, October 22, 2021
Kornit Digital, a market leader in sustainable, on-demand production technologies, has announced the release of its newest system, Kornit Presto MAX.
The new system will make its live debut at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event, which will be held Nov. 2–5 and showcase technology innovations, partnerships and proven strategies that drive the business case for sustainable, on-demand production of fashion and textiles.
Kornit launched its MAX technology in April and is already field proven via the Kornit Atlas MAX system. The Kornit Presto MAX introduces new capabilities to transform concepts into fabrics and is the first digital print system to offer white printing on colored fabrics, enhancing decoration capabilities for dark-colored fabrics more broadly. The system is also prepared to incorporate future versions of XDi technology and 3D decorative applications to produce threadless-embroidery, high-density, vinyl, screen-transfer and other new effects.
“Presto MAX will change the textile industry forever, transforming digital into the catalyst for modernizing the business, breaking the barriers between imagination and physical applications, connecting consumers and fulfillers on a global scale, and truly capitalizing on digital’s promise for delivering both sustainability and profitability, free of waste,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit digital chief executive officer.
Kornit Presto MAX helps producers decrease their carbon footprint and generate less waste by eliminating excessive time, labor and shipping throughout the value chain and enabling proximity production to meet the accelerated demands of a web-driven global marketplace.

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