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Monday, April 4, 2022
More than 3D, Kornit’s XDi technology takes creativity, simplicity and business to a new dimension and opens a world of possibilities for print firms.
“Our choice has always been based around speed and quality,” said Shabbir Maimoon, director and co-founder of Peterborough-based trade and on-demand DTG specialist Snuggle.
“The Atlas MAX technology provides a marked improvement in the quality of prints with better opacity of white ink on dark colours than ever before. It enables you to print 3D so you have the raised prints and can do things that a lot of brands are looking for. It gives you that edge and something different.”
When Kornit first launched the XDi 3D decorative applications in April 2021, the response was overwhelmingly positive. However, we noticed that due to the “revolutionary” XDi concept, many simply described it as “3D textile printing.” And while printing multiple layers to create a 3D effect is a focal point for the new technology, there’s much more to it.
So, let’s shed light on the different elements and advantages of Kornit XDi, and what it can offer businesses in terms of new markets, unlimited creativity, and process simplicity.
A new dimension for business
Brands and fulfillers already sense the growing competition surrounding them and seek new ways to rise above the noise and become fashion pioneers. The ability to expand a brand’s offering with new looks and capabilities will determine who will dominate the market and who will be left behind.
The new decorative applications offered by Kornit XDi allow businesses to launch new styles that include multiple effects and unlimited combinations such as threadless embroidery, high-density, vinyl, screen transfer emulations, and much more. Each of these options expands the business and creative playground for brands and vendors, allowing the world’s top fashion and retail brands to dream big with a trusted partner printing their every vision.
A new dimension for creativity
The creative vision is truly at the center of Kornit’s XDi. Businesses can design and print any 3D decorative application on-demand, delivering results that are simply impossible without this unique solution. Say goodbye to any creative limitation related to shape, size, colour, complexity, and many other design constraints.
Endless digital thread colours and stitches
Replace these boundaries with possibilities and opportunities that are no longer complicated to achieve thanks to endless digital thread colours and stitches, halftone images, accurate fine details, fading, or gradation. In addition, Kornit has developed a unique software tool, the XDi Digitizer, to instantly transform any 2D design into ready-to-print XDi 3D effects and unique textures, manifesting your inspiration at market speed.
A new dimension for the production process
Speaking of the market, the XDi technology transforms existing processes to perfectly fit current market demands and needs. Businesses can replace multiple traditional, complex procedures with a single-step solution that streamlines the printing process and makes it much easier to complete.
The setup and file preparation processes move a lot faster, and every step along the way becomes more efficient. Results include shorter lead times, lower operational costs, more flexible skill requirements, and fewer inventory management needs.
Image design complexity doesn’t impact production speed, and businesses can finally rely on their production to tackle any challenge, even when premium, unique decorations are involved.
Effects like threadless embroidery deliver results in minutes that previously would have taken hours to attain. Other procedures eliminate steps related to cutting, weeding, placement, or transfer, reducing labour time by up to 90%.
Last but not least, the process is far more sustainable, proving that you can have it all with less waste, energy, and water usage.
If this notion gets your creative juices flowing, Kornit XDi will enable a trickle of ideas to become a flood of beautiful prints and exciting opportunities. So, the next time someone calls XDi a “3D printing solution,” remind them that these dimensions are new business, unlimited creativity, and process simplicity.
Kornit’s award-winning XDi is part of Kornit’s groundbreaking MAX technology which enables businesses to meet high-retail-quality requirements, boost productivity and gain new capabilities.

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