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When Ashley Blair became a stay-at-home mom, she craved a creative outlet. That outlet, Sweet Momma Blair, eventually became a booming online business based in Ballwin.
“Sweet Momma Blair, I would say, is trendier graphic tees that are either pop culture-related or sports-related,” Blair says. “Since I am a mother, a lot of it is also mom-related and also kind of goes with the seasons.”
Blair began Sweet Momma Blair in 2016 after welcoming her second child into the world.
“I was an early childhood teacher,” Blair says. “Once I decided to stay home, I just needed a creative outlet and a way to make a little extra income for my family.”
Although Sweet Momma Blair began with door-hanger birth announcements – often St. Louis Cardinals- or St. Louis Blues-themed – her business quickly grew to include vinyl T-shirts and then evolved further into her present-day sublimation process.
“Up until last year, I was using vinyl,” Blair says. “I had kind of taken some time off, and then I noticed a lot of people were doing sublimation. My husband and I looked into it and realized it really is the best way to make a shirt. My husband got me a sublimation printer for Christmas, and here we are. It’s definitely exploded more than I ever thought it would.”
According to Blair, sublimation is special because the design isn’t simply sitting on the shirt (or sweatshirt) like vinyl or screen printing.
“I mirror the image, print it onto a piece of sublimation paper, and then you press it with a heat press,” Blair says. “So it’s transferred from an ink and then into a gas, so it’s actually dyed into the fabric. I think the sublimation process is just what most peoples’ favorite thing about it is. I think they are so tired of their designs cracking and peeling within like one wash, like with vinyl.”
And although Sweet Momma Blair certainly gets rave reviews for the sublimation-style quality of her brand’s ultrasoft shirts and sweatshirts, customers seem to similarly crave her simple-yet-spectacular designs.
“I have no background in design whatsoever,” says Blair with a laugh. “I was an early childhood teacher and always liked making cute bulletin boards and cute crafts, but I’m kind of self-taught. … A lot of my designs are inspired typically by what’s going on – what sports season it is, what is popular in pop culture or what is aesthetically pleasing to my eye, really. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants.”
And although Blair doesn’t have a timeline per se for new product drops, she says it’s typically every couple of weeks.
“It’s basically when an idea spikes or whenever I have a second to sit down and design,” says the mom of, now, three little ones. “I have a couple hours a day during the week, like twice a week, to really get to work. Otherwise, I work in the night when my kids go to bed.”
Fan favorites include St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and Kansas City Chiefs gear, an olive green and leopard-print “MAMA” sweatshirt, and a Schitt’s Creek Christmas sweatshirt featuring the words “Bébé it’s cold outside.”
Blair still sells shirts on Etsy (where she got her start), but she also now has a presence at local storefronts, including Detalle Boutique in Valley Park, Mix & Match in St. Louis, Painted Tree in Ballwin and both Pleated Boutique and Cozy Shop in St. Charles.
“It is pretty cool,” Blair says. “It has really evolved into something I never could have imagined. My little side gig is more of like a full-time gig now.”
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