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Who's been there for you through thick and thin, has lent you more clothes than you can count, and is always the first one on the scene when you need a listening ear? Your sister. She probably knows you better than anyone, but that doesn't mean getting her the perfect gift is an easy task. Discovering something original and unique, that you haven't done before, may seem impossible. But we're here to help!
Search for items that accent your sister's personality and unique flair. A personalized touch goes a long way in creating a sentimental, nostalgic moment. After all, your sister deserves the best.
We've shared 10 personalized gift ideas for your sister that we bet you haven't thought of yet. From a family heirloom recipe engraved cutting board to a hometown personalized jigsaw puzzle, we thought of just about everything. She's sure to drop her jaw in awe when she opens up your thoughtful personalized gift. Save yourself from a frenzy of trying to find the perfect present at the last minute and, instead, shop from this curated selection for a gift that your sister is sure to love.
Printed with a UV printer, this personalized album cover is crafted with strong acrylic that won’t shatter if dropped. Select a meaningful song, photo, and Spotify code, available in heights of 5×7 or 8×10. Scan the Spotify QR code with your phone’s camera and your selected song will play. With a 4.4-star Amazon rating, this personalized gift for your sister is perfect for any occasion. One 5-star Amazon reviewer was so pleased that she plans to order more for her friends and loved ones.
BUY IT: $13.99;
Mark and Graham’s best-selling travel jewelry case comes in 19 colors and 10 personalization options. The pebbled vegan leather exterior complements the soft linen lining and gold zipper closure. Measuring 4.5″w x 4.5″d x 2.25″h, it has four small compartments for necklaces, cushioned storage for seven rings, and a mirror with pull tab that opens to three earring tabs. Described as beautiful and functional, the travel jewelry case can be used at home or on the go. This is the perfect personalized gift for your sister’s birthday.
BUY IT: $69;
Crafted from premium oak and walnut wood, this cutting board can be engraved with your heirloom family recipe in Grandma’s handwriting. Select oak, cherry, or walnut wood in sizes of 8×12, 10×14, or 12×16. Gift wrap, a display stand, engraving on the back of the cutting board, or a wooden note card are optional add-ons. This cutting board has a perfect 5-star rating. One review reads, “I have never been happier with a purchase. I put my deceased grandmother’s recipe on the cutting board and they did a great job transferring her handwriting! The most sentimental gift I have ever given.”
BUY IT: $59.99;
Turn your own or a loved one’s handwriting into meaningful jewelry, the perfect customized gift for your sister. Chose from 925 sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold and nine different chain lengths. This hypoallergenic and nickel-free accessory is the perfect tribute to honor anyone you love. A pleased 5-star reviewer shared, “I bought this for my sister-in-law to honor the death of her daughter who passed away due to Metastatic Breast Cancer (Stage IV). She was so pleased and touched with how beautiful and special this bracelet is and it looks so perfect on her wrist. When she realized it was her daughter’s handwriting, she got very emotional and said, “OMG, I’ll always have a piece of her with me.”
BUY IT: $32.75;
L.L.Bean’s bestselling plush throw is available in 50×60 or 60×80 dimensions with a substantial weight and budget-friendly price of $29.95. Made with 100% polyester, this blanket has been brushed on both sides for a softer feel. Add a monogram to personalize a special gift for your sister. While this blanket can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleanup, drying on a no-heat setting is advised. 
BUY IT: $29.95;
Select any name, word, or phrase to be engraved in a custom ring. Pick from an array of lowercase fonts, ranging from 3mm to 4mm in height. Ring sizes range from 3.5 to 11.5 and come in 925 sterling silver, 18k gold, or rose gold. One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote, “The ring is beautiful, and perfect. I wish that I had a better camera so that I could take a decent photo. I highly recommend this seller!”
BUY IT: $26.75;
This Amazon top-seller has a 4.6 rating with 9,029 reviews. Fill in the blank in the 50 lines throughout this hardcover 4.5×3.25 book to describe some aspect of sisterly love. Voila! You’ve authored a gift for your sister that she’ll read again and again. Since you’re the author, customize it to be as sappy, sassy, or funny as you’d like. 
BUY IT: $10.50;
This 12.25×18.5 personalized jigsaw puzzle is for the sister that moved away from your hometown. Reminisce on a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood you grew up in with high resolution aerial photography. With 400 pieces, this personalized puzzle displays an area of one mile (north to south) by one and a half miles (east to west). This puzzle is so life-like that an Amazon reviewer was even able to pick out her sister’s car in her driveway.
BUY IT: $49.99;
Personalize this “Friends” themed candle with your sister’s name on the lid. Available in 9-ounce or 16-ounce sizes, this hand-poured soy candle is available in 15 charming scents: Brown Sugar + Spice, Blackberry + Vanilla, Lavender + Lemon, Honeysuckle + Jasmine, The Scent of Christmas, Vanilla Sandalwood, Pink Vanilla Kiss, Mimosa + Mandarin, Apples + Maple Bourbon, Fresh Cup of Coffee, Wedding Cake, Spiced Pumpkin, Hot Cocoa + Cream, Cabin in the Woods, and Salt + Sea. Upgrade to a gift box if you fancy.
BUY IT: $24;
Archive generations of your family’s favorite recipes and home-cooked meals in this templated hardbound cookbook. Record the necessary ingredients and special methods for up to 80 recipes. Add photos for a personal touch of nostalgia and joy. Cooking guides, tips, and a conversion table are included with additional space for family taste testers to leave their recipe reviews. The book contains three customizable sections and a table of contents to detail the recipe name, recipe creator, and page number.
BUY IT: $25.85;


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