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Choosing the right gifts for the people you love, well there can be some pressure!
Luckily, we have New Day stylist Darcy Camden who curated hundreds of items before choosing her top holiday stylish gifts!
I looked at over 200 items, talked to dozens of brands, consulted with other local fashionable people and style experts (I take this very seriously) and these are my top picks!
TALIA SARI JEWELRY ( This is hands-down the most beautiful and unique personalized jewelry I’ve ever seen. The gorgeous abstract-looking designs are actually roadmap images to special places. You can design a custom piece for a specific address (example: I got a necklace that features the address of an important home to me) or a general city (examples: pin of Seattle waterfront and a ring of downtown Manhattan).
KATE MCLEOD LOTION STONES ( I’m doing a Secret Santa gift exchange with my girlfriends and we have a $50 limit. I know all my ladies love a luxe beauty product, and I’m certain none of my chic friends have a lotion stone. They’re gonna freak out. All-natural, no chemicals, synthetics, or preservatives—and NO PLASTIC.
DEPORAH LIPPMANN NAIL POLISH ( Nail polish is a slam dunk, especially for teens or Gen Zers, and holiday gift sets are big this time of year, and they often seem like a good idea but it’s hard for me to find a pre-selected set that contains all the best colors. I love EVERY SINGLE COLOR in this set, and it’s a great value for $45 (9 polishes!). Deborah Lippmann is the go-to celebrity manicurist who’s worked with everyone, and her vegan, nontoxic polishes are a healthy alternative to gel manicures.
BURGA PHONE CASES AND EYEJUST BLUE SCREEN BLOCKERS ( and A lot of us may be upgrading our phones and computers this season, and I think it’s fun and important to get new “outfits” for your new tech. The most beautiful and stylish phone and computer cases are from a company called Burga, and I also highly recommend sleek blue light blocking screens to protect against screen cracking but also improve sleep and greatly reduce eye strain.
LARK ADVENTUREWEAR FAMILY PJS ( My little family does the matching pj thing every year, and every year I struggle to find a pattern and style everyone likes, that’s comfortable, good quality, available in everyone’s size, and affordable! Found it! Lark Adventurewear features Softek bamboo blend fabric that’s completely chemical-free. It’s naturally breathable, temperature regulating, and stain-resistant. I got the blue Winter Wonderland print for my crew, and I particularly love that everything is Unisex, so my hubby and I will both be in the exact same jogger style bottoms, which is what we both like!
DOOEYS HOUSE SHOES ( Local small business alert! They’re made from premium sustainable materials, like vegan suede, apple leather, recycled plastic bottles, and cork in the lining with a sugarcane sole. They’re SO COMFORTABLE! They are a real upgrade from my dirty UGGs. House shoes are the new slippers.
BAGNET ( Lastly, a great stocking stuffer! This very cute keychain-looking accessory is actually a super-strong magnet that you can clip on your purse. It sticks to bathroom stalls, metal tables, you name it to keep your purse off the gross floor.
Darcy Camden is Founder and Chief Stylist of Styled Seattle: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist. Segment Producer Suzie Wiley. Watch New Day Northwest 11 AM weekdays on KING 5 and streaming live on Contact New Day.
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